New twist as Governors Alfred Mutua & Kibwana threatens to quit Azimio la Umoja camp.
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New twist as Governors Alfred Mutua & Kibwana threatens to quit Azimio la Umoja camp.

Attached is the statement made by MWANZO MPYA CAUCUS, today 6th APRIL, 2022.


  1. We are the ones who made Azimio what it is.
  2. We found out of the AZIMIO LA UMOJA – ONE KENYA coalition in the news like the rest of Kenyans.
  3. There is an indication the leadership of Azimio is made up of three parties only: Jubilee, ODM & Wiper. This leaves out the other founding parties.
  4. Coalitions agreement documents have not been shown to us and yet they are insisting that we should sign. We will not agree to this.
  5. Our candidates have already registered their candidature with our parties and they have an equal right to be in the ballot.
  6. There is an attempt to run nominations through zoning. Our candidates are already prepared to compete and zoning has no place in the current arrangement.
  7. We also have our own caucus. The Mwanzo may caucus, which us the fourth leg of the Azimio stool.
  8. There are currently no provisions for us to be on the elections board. We insist to be also included and to have a voice since we represent a significant voting bloc.
  9. The so called big parties have already appointed themselves portfolios at our expense.
  10. We can form our own coalition and enter into a post-election agreement.
  11. Some of us sacrificed out presidential ambitions to support Azimio and our Azimio presidential candidate.


  1. We should be the fourth leg caucus.
  2. We must renegotiate the document.
  3. We cannot have zoning.
  4. The deposited document has to be withdrawn.
  5. There has to be concensus on all decisions.
  6. There has to be consensus on all nominations.
  7. The Deputy President choice must be through concensus just as we agreed on the presidential candidate
  8. The positions which we agreed in at K.I.C.C must be honoured.
  9. If we are not listened to we have options.



  1. MCC
  2. Muungano
  3. Kenya Reform Party
  4. CCU
  5. DAP-K
  6. PPT
  7. NARC
  8. Maendeleo Democratic Party

6TH APRIL, 2022

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